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This Limited edition is printed in a circulation of 100 an includes an original A4 print, printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310g/m2 photopaper. Both the book and print are numbered and signed.

MOMENTS is the tale of a return. Of going back to a place, photographer Marc T. left so many years before without ever revisiting. It is the story of a “reverted immigration”, and perhaps the word has yet to be invented. It is the story of rediscovery.

Far from being a critique or seeking a certain Belgitude, MOMENTS is a collection of photographs of moments taken in Belgium. It is not nostalgic. MOMENTS is a series of portraits made of environments in Belgium that portrays the Belgian as he truly is.

MOMENTS Limited Edition 100

125,00 €Prijs
  • Marc T. frequently uses the video graphic 16:9 widescreen as the standard picture format for his work. The 16:9 format allows him to enhance a sense of expansiveness and temporality, by creating the impression of hidden vistas and by embodying the simultaneous promise of impending action that has yet to unroll. This is the essence of his photography; it is the art of the moment and the promise of more. The dynamic resulting from his use of the 16:9 format increases each work’s photographic narrative and allows Marc T. to emphasize certain details and aspects of the depicted surroundings as being essential to that specific environment and moment.

  • Pages: 144

    Format: Landscape 345mmx230mm

    Paper: Magno Satin, 170gr/m2

    Cover: paper band on hardcover, 3mm

    Paper cover: Maco gloss, HV-white

    Promotional gift: price upon request

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